Do you feel STUCK?

Are You Tired of Feeling “Not Good Enough“?

Are you looking for Support, Community and Like-Heartedness?

Is Your Body Speaking to you through Chronic Pain/Disease, Lack of Energy or Weight Struggles?

Do You Long to Connect More Deeply with The Spirit World?

Do You Crave a Life of Harmony, Joy, and Balance in Mind, Body & Spirit?

Are You Struggling?

No Matter How Hard You Try, No Matter How Much You Do:

Nothing Seems to Change… It Just Doesn’t Seem to Work?

Do You Feel Like You’ll Never Have the Kind of Life That You Dream Of?

I Understand. I Felt That Way Too… For Far Too Long

I Turned My Life Around and YOU CAN TOO!


Soul Food with Sunny: Pure, Organic and no Bullsh*t added is an online learning environment created for YOU!


Inside I share with you all the TOOLS I discovered and created over the past 25 years that led me to the wonderful, magnificent, joyous, spontaneous, blessed life I am living TODAY. Living a joyous life is not meant for the lucky few … it is meant for EVERYONE.

It took me years to realize that deep-down I didn’t think I deserved love, money, a healthy body or a developed spiritual connection. In my heart of hearts, I believed that despite all my work in self-improvement, I wasn’t deserving. I believed that LOVE was for ‘other people’. That I just wasn’t ‘meant’ to have a great relationship, a healthy body or a connection to my Angels and Guides.

I wasn’t smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, or strong enough

to experience the kind of life I had journaled about for years.

It was crazy, because I KNEW I could manifest anything I desired. I KNEW it.

But I didn’t feel it. I didn’t BELIEVE it.

The evidence of the lack mentality was showing up in all areas of my life – Mind, Body and Spirit – and I couldn’t figure out how to fix / change / heal it.

Mind – Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions

Lack of self-worth
Bad luck
Negative stinking-thinking
Not being good enough
Trust issues
Lack mentality


Chronic physical pain
Unhealthy relationships
Constant colds and sinus issues
Lack of energy
Trouble sleeping
Physical boundary issues


No signs from my angels, guides or loved ones in Spirit
Manifesting negative experiences
Low vibration
Not able to meditate
Feeling alone
Feeling darkness instead of light
No intuitive insights

Until I realized…

It’s all about consistency, commitment and self-love…

For me and my business to be successful… I needed to show up and stop playing small.

Once I realized that I was letting myself down, that my lack of self-love was affecting every single aspect of myself, I went on a self-love search… I tried it all, I did everything. I read the books. I took the supplements. I went to the counselor. I attended the groups. I mean, I did it all… But nothing changed… not really anyway. For a little while, yes; but not consistently.

I realized, it all stemmed from lack of SELF-LOVE.

Self-love is not a place you arrive to.

It is a choice you make…

or you don’t make…

Soul Food with Sunny: Pure, Organic and no Bullsh*t added!

What I needed was a Community, a Support System, a Mentor to keep ME accountable to ME.

I kept getting off my spiritual path.

I needed consistent motivation & inspiration to keep me on track.

I needed a mentor. I needed community.

I needed a tribe. – SDJ

Like you, it never felt good to not feel good enough, but I just didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I ran out of options. I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. It seemed like as soon as one thing went right, I began the self-sabotage. It seemed like a never-ending cycle…

Which is why I created…

What Exactly Is Soul Food with Sunny?

Soul Food with Sunny is a community of like-hearted people coming together in the cyber world to learn, grow, heal, share, support, love and experience expansion.


Fresh, New, Inspirational Content Mixed with your Favorite Oldies, but Goodies!


We are offering YOU access and not just downloads.


Consider this your Mind, Body, Spirit Virtual Healing Center.

You have 24/7 access to:

  • Thousands of hours of Class Videos, Spirit Talks, Webcasts, & Online Courses.
  • Online ‘Fill Me Up’ Card Readings.
  • New episodes in the ‘Real Life’ Original Video Series.
  • Constantly updated ‘Sunny Sparks’ of Inspiration, Light & Love.
  • And many more Bonus SURPRISES throughout the year!
  • You get it all in audio, visual & written resources to appeal to all learning types.
  • And Best of All, you have the interactivity, personal connection and steady support that comes from our own unique Facebook Group, where you will have access to Sunny directly there as well!

With a library of over 100 classes – and more added every month – even on your most chaotic days, you can log in and instantly access the exact videos and inspiration you need to support you ­– right then and there – in that exact moment!

No need to get dressed up, or even call a friend. Come into Soul Food with Sunny and I will be there with you… to help you Ground your Energy, be Present in the Moment, call in your Spiritual Helpers, and remind you to Stay True to your Path of Unconditional Love.

I will be there for you, in a variety of ways…
And not just me, but a community of others that you can connect with.
People that “Get It”. People that GET YOU!

Soul Food with Sunny: Pure, Organic and no Bullsh*t added!

singlebutterfly5Through my classes, workshops, events and private sessions, I have helped thousands of people learn to:

Love themselves, create healthy boundaries, heal disease, gain clarity, connect with their loved ones that have passed on, grow and expand their Spirit-based businesses, hear the messages from their Angels and Guides, gain confidence, tap into their own intuition, trust themselves, meditate, take their power back, have faith in the Universe/God/Creator… And much, much more.

Over the past sixteen years: I have been Blessed to be called a

  • Teacher, Guide, Healer, Wayshower
  • Friend, Catalyst, Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Counselor

And all of these titles do apply at different times… but the one that is most important to me is:

A “walk-my-talk, No Bullshit added, Spiritual Being having a Human Experience”

Soul Food with Sunny!

Connecting Like Hearts Across the Globe


Do any of these sound familiar to you:

  • You feel like you’re stuck in a “rut” … and there’s a deep sense of disconnection or boredom that’s keeping you from truly LIVING life!
  • You feel trapped by the choices you’ve made in your life… and you have no idea how to break free from the pain and judgment!
  • You feel like you’re destined for something much greater than the life you are living now… but you don’t know what that “something” is, or how to figure it out!
  • You feel like your day-to-day obligations are running your life… instead of you creating your life!
  • You are ready to break free from the thoughts, feelings and actions that are holding you back from the BLISS you truly desire, in all areas of life – Mind   ♥♥♥    Body   ♥♥♥     Spirit

It doesn’t have to be that way my friend.

I know how it feels…

And I know how to change those feelings…

Little by little by little

Step by step

Thought by thought

Action by action

Awareness by awareness

Intention by intention

So… Who Is This for?

Soul Food with Sunny is for you if …

  • You know life is supposed to be more than what it is right now.
  • You feel stuck in life.
  • You recognize that your commitment to yourself NEEDS to CHANGE Now!
  • You are ready to have a major breakthrough in your life.
  • You are in sponge mode… wanting to take everything in you can.
  • Your life feels like an endless revolving door of work, home, eat, sleep…
  • You aren’t feeling happy or joyful and just aren’t having fun!
  • You can handle my frank, no BS added style.
  • You know that you deserve to have all that you desire in life.
  • You are looking to develop and strengthen your intuition.
  • You are searching for the guidance and tools to start and grow your own spiritual practice or business.
  • You’re ready to receive support, encouragement and guidance… as well as offer it in our community.

And… Who is This NOT for?

Soul Food with Sunny is not for you if …

  • You don’t want to change.
  • You’re not willing to show up for yourself.
  • You don’t believe you can grow and change and achieve Mind, Body, Spirit Balance.
  • You aren’t willing to support others as part of a community.
  • You are not willing to look at your stuff with an honest eye and honest feedback.
  • You want to stay stuck in the drama and blame game.
  • You are unwilling to look within, get quiet and listen.

If any of these apply to you…

YOU need Support & YOU need some SOUL FOOD with SUNNY

Easily Tap into YOUR Full Potential and Transform Your Life Starting TODAY!

Basic/Level 1= Starter

  • ‘Sunny Sparks’ (video clips and resource documents)
  • Access to all my in-the-moment videos and my favorite inspirational PDF documents
  • ‘Fill Me Up’ (online card reading)
  • Get your Daily Dose of Fill Up to bring in the JOY, LOVE and PEACE
  • All archived Videos – over 100 so far in the categories of Afterlife, Angels, Business, Intuition and Self-Help, including:

    Soul Transitions
    4 Class Series video archive ($125+ value)

    Embracing The Body That Is
    5 Class Series video archive ($125+ value)

    Psychic Development
    6 Class Series video archive ($125+ value)

    Oracle Cards
    2 Class Series video archive ($44+ value)

    Invoking The Archangels
    7 Class Series video archive ($222+ value)

    Life Ceremonies
    3 Class Series video archive ($222+ value)

    Real Life
    12 Class Series video archive ($400+ value)

    General Classes
    20 class video archives ($500+ value)

    30 class video archives ($300+ value)

    Spirit Talk
    23 class video archives ($500+ value)
  • Bonus Surprises!
  • Real Questions about Real Life from Real People
    Video Series
Most Popular

Full Access/Level 2 = Buffet

  • INCLUDES Everything in the Starter level (All archived Videos, etc.), PLUS:
  • ‘Get Real’ monthly video class series – exclusive, raw and organic Sunny on topics no one else will talk about
  • All online Courses:

    “Invoking the Archangels“ online course ($44 value)

    “The Love Never Ends” online course ($44 value)

    “Archangel Michael: Maintain Your Energy 33-Day Guidebook” online course ($33 value)

    “Archangel Raphael: Healing & Restoration 33-Day Guidebook” online course ($33 value)

    “Detox Your Life – A 44 day Mind, Body, Spirit” online course ($88 value)
  • Online ‘Notepad’ feature – Each lesson in an Online Course will have a Take Notes button available, providing you with a “floating” Notepad for adding notes, which are then saved to one location to view, print or transfer to a Word document if desired.
  • Coupon code for a 20% discount on all SDJ Boutique products

Full Access/Level 2 = Buffet

  • INCLUDES Everything in the Starter level (All archived Videos, etc.), PLUS:
  • ‘Get Real’ monthly video class series – exclusive, raw and organic Sunny on topics no one else will talk about
  • All online Courses:

    “Invoking the Archangels“ online course ($44 value)

    “The Love Never Ends” online course ($44 value)

    “Archangel Michael: Maintain Your Energy 33-Day Guidebook” online course ($33 value)

    “Archangel Raphael: Healing & Restoration 33-Day Guidebook” online course ($33 value)

    “Detox Your Life – A 44 day Mind, Body, Spirit” online course ($88 value)
  • Online ‘Notepad’ feature – Each lesson in an Online Course will have a Take Notes button available, providing you with a “floating” Notepad for adding notes, which are then saved to one location to view, print or transfer to a Word document if desired.
  • Coupon code for a 20% discount on all SDJ Boutique products

VIP Lounge/Level 3 = VIP

  • INCLUDES Everything in the Starter and Buffet levels and additional new VIP features that allow you to interact with Sunny directly, PLUS:
  • One hour zoom room video conference monthly
  • Archive of random videos addressing topics submitted by VIP members: Sunny will select topics submitted by VIP members – This is your chance to have your topic featured by Sunny!
  • Form to submit one Question for Sunny to answer in the Weekly video
  • Coupon code for 25% discount on all SDJ Boutique products.
  • Behind-the-Scenes – Fun video clips
  • Free special Gift from Sunny


  • Instant access to the Facebook Group created exclusively for Soul Food with Sunny members so you can connect and share with others on the same journey as YOU! 
  • Periscope notification when Sunny goes on a live broadcast
  • News releases for User Tips and “What’s New?” in Soul Food with Sunny
  • Integrated access to Sunny’s website, Blog posts and online SDJ Boutique
  • Access to Community Feedback about Soul Food with Sunny and individual content Comments stored in each class section
  • *All new courses, videos, and bonus content added often, giving Soul Food with Sunny members the “First Look” at any new offerings prior to its release to the public*

So, when it is all said and done… you get well over $4,000 worth of videos and online courses!

I know, I know… You are probably struggling with the idea of spending money on you… and spending it consistently right?

I was that way too. But, I learned (the hard way mind you) that money is energy… and I needed to invest ENERGY/MONEY in ME. You see, I was always looking for the FREEBIES because I didn’t FEEL worthy of investing in myself. The freebies didn’t require a commitment on my part. There was no accountability. When it was free, I could play small, keep myself hidden and no one expected anything different from me… myself included. But I realized that if I wasn’t willing to invest in MYSELF, invest ENERGY / MONEY in ME then my energy/money wouldn’t change, it wouldn’t move and it wouldn’t grow. I had to learn that it was ok, actually it was necessary, to “invest” in ME… in all ways.

Are you invested in YOU with YOUR Money, Energy & Time? Are you investing in YOUR personal growth and self-care?

I said to a client just the other day, “sometimes you can’t afford NOT to invest in yourself.”

If you are not LIVING the life of your dreams…

If you are not INSPIRED on a daily basis…

If you don’t feel EXCITED about your life, your love and your relationships…

Then you need to do SOMETHING




Which is why I am offering this type of program!!!

To keep YOU and your Mind, Body, Spirit work consistent!


It is the ABSOLUTE KEY to changing your life.



Don’t just believe me… Take it from them…

“I think the Soul Food with Sunny site is really easy to navigate, even for people that aren’t very computer savvy – on any device. Log in is easy and it’s not difficult to find where you left off to continue on with the online courses. It’s really a beautiful site and well put together. I love all of the additional videos to catch up on past webcasts, Spirit Talks, etc. as my schedule doesn’t always allow me to participate live … and the fun videos are awesome. This is a total HIT!”

~ Candi Lanam

“Sunny has a special gift that helps everyone around her heal and grow. Magical things happen when you are with her. Sunny, thank you for sharing your gift with the world and using it to help others.”
~ Staci & Steve – Ogden, Utah

“Soul Food with Sunny is an amazing community where you can go to get filled up with all things spiritual.

Sunny is one of those teachers who captivates you with her “Sunny” disposition and unconditional love and years of experience. As a new spiritual teacher, taught by Sunny, I find this IS an excellent resource to rely on for support, guidance and to gain very important knowledge.  It is easy to use, it is full of information, and it connects you anytime of the day or night and allows you to feel a part of something very special: Her Community.  There is nothing else like it anywhere… Trust me when I tell you that!

For those of us far away in miles, it connects us in an instant. It is worth way more than the yearly investment.  

It really is Soul Food, with No BS added. See you there!!!!”

~ Giuliana Melo

Soul Food with Sunny: Pure, Organic and no Bullsh*t added!

If You’re Finally Ready to Reclaim Your Power and Confidence and

Enjoy a Positive Mind, Body and Spirit Lifestyle that Opens Doors

To Personal and Professional Fulfillment…

Soul Food with Sunny” is for YOU!

Here are a few of the benefits of being a Soul Food with Sunny member:

  • Confidence in knowing that who YOU are is someone worth loving
  • Resources, tools and teachings to grow and expand your Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Exercises and practices to help you develop your Intuition
  • The ability to Ask questions and Receive answers from Sunny Dawn Johnston (VIP level)
  • Clarity on your life purpose and what to do next
  • Freedom from the fear, limiting beliefs and overwhelment that’s keeping you stuck in your Mind, Body or Spirit
  • A Belief in yourself, your life, your business and what you’re becoming
  • A Community of loving, positive, like-minded and ever expanding beautiful souls
  • Spiritual Tools and Techniques to HEAL your LIFE… YOURSELF!
  • SAVE MONEY – With over $4000 worth of classes on video, you are saving THOUSANDS. In Addition: The Buffet and VIP memberships offer you 20% – 25% discounts on products and BONUS specials for as long as you are part of the Soul Food with Sunny community

I’ll be sharing the latest and greatest content I’m exploring each month, along with my foundational, tried-and-true tools, lectures and more.

Are you ready to commit to your spiritual practice and personal growth?

Sign up for SOUL FOOD with SUNNY today for tons of fresh content that I can’t wait to share with you!

Sample a helping of Spirit every step of your journey.

No matter how busy you are,

I’ll be there to support and inspire you each month with Soul Food with Sunny.

GET TO KNOW ME A LITTLE BETTER… I think we could be best buds 🙂

  • Born 3/23/71 – Cheyenne, Wyoming – 12:50pm
  • Who inspires me? – I am inspired everyday by someone. Today, I am inspired by Pope Francis
  • Favorite colors – Red, black, pink
  • Favorite place in the world – Larn, Thailand
  • Favorite books – “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal
  • Favorite movies – Grease, We Are the Millers, Kumare
  • Favored music – anything acoustic
  • Favorite extravagance – Chanel lipstick
  • Favorite word – Create
  • Favorite concert – Prince
  • Favorite song – Hallelujah
  • Greatest regret – None – I trust everything happens for a reason
  • Greatest blessing – My family
  • If I could be anyone else, who would I be? – Still Me
  • People I admire – Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah, Truth-seekers & speakers
  • Biggest change in my life – The day I became a mother
  • The animal I am the most like – A hummingbird, because of the busyness
  • My favorite symbols – Peace, Love and Om
  • My favorite video game – Galaga
  • My favorite TV show – The Voice
  • What really irks me – My own impatience, slowness, minimizing someone’s experience
  • My favorite meal – A great salad, with all the fixings
  • My favorite condiment – Salsa
  • My favorite drink – Hot Tea with cream
  • Least favorite food I’ve tried – Escargot
  • My favorite board game growing up – Monopoly
  • My dream vacation – Any beach with warm water
  • My favorite season – Spring
  • Favorite number – 11
  • What fuels me – Being of service to others
  • Favorite dessert – Not really a big dessert girl, but I’d take a cookie over anything
  • What would my epitaph say – I’ll be back

Betcha didn’t know…

  • I have an eye thing… Can’t handle people touching my eyes
  • I am named after both grandfathers
  • My veins roll and collapse and it’s very hard to get blood from me
  • I was emancipated from my parents at age 15
  • The name Sunny Dawn is my given name

I have had the honor and pleasure of appearing on all these stages!


** Shanda Trofe **

** Giuliana Melo **

What people are saying about Soul Food with Sunny:

I was introduced to Soul Food with Sunny during a great time in my life. I had lots of open time on my hands and got the chance to watch many of the videos that she had recorded at the time. Since that time, the video collection continues to grow. I have attended classes both in-person and via video and have learned so much from Sunny. I am so blessed to have met Sunny and continue to learn from her. Soul Food with Sunny has it all! I wish I had met Sunny and/or she had this internet program available earlier in my life.”

~ Renee Bisbee

“No matter how seasoned you are as a Spiritual Teacher or Student, there is always something new to look at or implement in your practice. Sunny has a way of bringing out those Ah-Ha Moments in a gentle and profound way! I Love it! Thank you Sunny! Thank you!!!”
~ Flora Peterson Sage

“I have been looking for something to help me in my everyday life – Soul Food with Sunny is something that you can use in your everyday life, every day of your life. It’s an easy-to-navigate website, with an abundance of information and insight into the things that we go through in our daily lives. It also give you some of the answers that you’ve always been looking for, but weren’t sure where to find them. Sunny explains things in an easy-to-understand manner; she is real and doesn’t sugarcoat things. Sunny wears many different hats in this arena, but the best one that I have seen is her motivation and attention to tuning in to what and whom is around her. Sunny has helped me to deal with knowing that my son is always around me … and, as she shows in her book “The Love Never Ends”, they are right there, always. I think that this would be a wonderful addition to any online library. You will find all that you are looking for in Soul Food with Sunny. Try it out – it even works for people who have a busy life. You can access the program anywhere you are, so even if you just need a moment in the car, or you’re at work and you’re getting stressed out, you can always plug into Soul Food with Sunny and get that uplifting boost that you need.”

~ Bobbi Meyers

What makes me qualified to mentor you?

It’s a great question, and one you should ask yourself…

And as you ask, listen to your heart, mind and soul.

I believe you will know if Soul Food with Sunny is right for you from the stirring within your soul.

If it’s right, it will speak to you.


I have walked the journey from self-hatred to self-worth.

I know how it feels to not feel deserving of:

Love, Happiness, Freedom, Money, Good Health … you name it!

I have sat in the depths of my pain – manifesting disease, poverty, addiction and dependency. Nearly dying didn’t even scare me out of my pain. I have struggled to care for myself in a world that taught me to care for others first.


I have found my way out. Through dedication, unconditional love of myself, divine guidance, and spiritual connection, I have walked away from self-hatred and into the arms of self-love. I have closed the door on the pain that would literally eat me away, little by little.

I have found the LOVE within, the TRUTH of who I am, and I can SEE it … EVERYDAY!

I can also see it within YOU!

It takes one to know one, they say.

I have been there, done that …

And know what it takes to create a new experience.

I have walked the path and found the rainbow, and I know you can too!

Today, I have …

  • A joyful marriage of 22+ years – Commitment, communication and hard work are all a part of a healthy successful marriage. We have loved and lost and loved again … together.
  • Two intelligent kids, creating their own lives – I have experienced the teachings of my children. I am the student, and they are the teacher in many cases. I have learned to honor their dreams and be a witness to their journey. I know what it is like to raise “special” kids.
  • A non-traditional family – Acceptance and tolerance of family members and their own beliefs and journey has taught me so much in the past 20 years. Finding within myself the trust that their Spirit is walking their own divine journey has been a true gift through the hard times.
  • Great health – Positive intentional living, affirmations, maintaining my own energy, honoring my body, and listening to its natural guidance has kept me extremely healthy – once I learned to actually listen. Listening helped me see when things were out-of-alignment and how to heal them as well.
  • Fabulous Friendships – Support, unconditional love, and acceptance are all aspects of friendship in my life. We may not see each other as often as we would like, but the love we have melts time in a heartbeat when we are together.
  • Spiritual Connection – My angels, guides and loved ones are as much a part of my life as the physical beings. I begin and end each day with gratitude for them and all I have yet to learn. I believe my spiritual practice is the foundation of everything in my life; and in honoring Spirit first, I recognize and rely on that guidance system as I stay in Present Moment.
  • Always growing and expanding – With all that is fabulous in my life, there are always areas of growth and expansion. It is one of the great things to experience in this physical world. Once one thing is complete, there is always something else … to learn, heal, grow into, shift, etc. I am no exception to this rule.


I have built, from the ground up, a highly successful spiritual-based business.

I started with no plan, no money, no location and no mission statement… Not the typical successful business startup.

I quit school at the age of 15, and had no business training, with the exception of watching my dad succeed and fail in business several times … which is where I learned resiliency… and how greed can ruin success.

Today, I have …

  • Starred in “A Séance with…” a national television special on the Lifetime Movie Network
  • Spoken to large audiences all over the country and shared the stage with some of the leading teachers in the spiritual and self-help field such as Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue & James Van Praagh
  • Been a guest on over 150 radio shows and tele-summits
  • Traveled the world teaching, speaking, empowering and healing hearts
  • Written articles for major publications
  • Produced thousands of workshops, classes and sold-out events
  • Been interviewed by FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS as well as several network television shows
  • Created Sunlight Alliance Foundation, a non-profit organization, helping to provide support to hundreds of families during life’s challenges
  • Been offered, and accepted, five publishing contracts with three different publishers, with 4 of them becoming Amazon Best-Sellers
  • Attracted an amazing team that supports my work and me
  • Partnered with Daily Om with products and online courses
  • Created, booked, and completed an 11-month Living Room Book Tour
  • Self-published nine books
  • Built a Healing Center from the ground up
  • Created 5 online courses
  • Filmed a pilot and sizzle reel for a television show for Find Me
  • Joined the faculty of Omega Institute in New York and Infinity Foundation in Chicago
  • Created over 30 products and 3 new product lines: SDJewelry, SDJ Essentials and Conscious Teez
  • Held 15 spiritual healing retreats in various locations across the US
  • Served on the Board of Find Me 501(c)3
  • Taught hundreds of thousands of people how to change their lives and heal their hearts
  • Created the “What Would Love Say?” (WWLS?) Movement
  • Created the Detox Your life – 44-day Mind, Body, Spirit program with over 2,000 participants in 2016
  • Expanded and doubled my business and then doubled again and again
  • And much, much more … to come!!!

I share these to give you an idea of many of the things I have accomplished in my life in recent years. Of course, this is just a portion, but the idea of sharing is to ignite in you the awareness: it can be created.

YOU too, can do this … any of it… all of it and even MORE!!!!

I imagine many of these are on your manifestation board or in your heart as well!

What I know for sure is – with guidance, support and dedication – you can create any and all of the above … and MORE!!!!



Soul Food with Sunny is a 100% RISK-FREE INVESTMENT

With so many students and clients LOVING the classes, workshops, courses and even impromptu videos I have offered over the past 16 years, I know that Soul Food with Sunny will NURTURE your Mind, Body and Spirit. And I want you to feel really great about making this investment in YOU, because you so DESERVE it!!!

That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee:

If, after 30 days in Soul Food, you feel that it’s not your cup of tea, I’ll refund your investment – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but love and light to you.

That’s how confident I am in the quality of Soul Food with Sunny… and your investment in YOU!

It is an investment in YOU

And YOU are so worth it my friend…

You have nothing to lose…

And soooo much to gain!

Soul Food with Sunny Q & A:

daisyIf I decide to discontinue my Soul Food with Sunny membership within the first 30 days, how do I request a full refund of my initial payment?

You simply submit your name and email to us within in the first 30-day period of your subscription through our Cancellation Request Form in the My Stuff menu of Soul Food with Sunny and we will issue you a full refund within 5 business days.


blue_flowerHow can I cancel my ongoing Soul Food with Sunny subscription?

You simply submit your name and email to us through our Cancellation Request Form in the My Stuff menu of Soul Food with Sunny and we discontinue your automatically renewing subscription plan, effective for the next scheduled renewal date.

“Here’s what other peeps are saying about Sunny and Soul Food with Sunny.”

“Have you ever seen the movie “This is Where I Leave You”? If you have, there is a part in that movie where the younger brother tells his older sister who took care of him all the time that she is the voice in his head; that is how I feel about you, you are that voice in my head that is the great voice, and I thank you so much for that!”
~ Mindy Jones

“Sunny walks the talk. She is truly an angel in the lives of many; I know she has been in mine. Bless You Sunny.”
~ Cindy H.

“I thank Spirit for every moment I’ve known you. Thank you for helping me in my journey.”

~ Karen


“She’s a fresh breath of air and truly has an amazing gift of sharing her light and God given abilities! Thank you Sunny Dawn!”

~ Laura S.

“Sunny, Kris, Robin & all of Sunlight: You are truly the wind beneath my wings! My heart is full of love and appreciation for you. I do learn so much from everyone’s questions & answers. Always amazing.”

~ GR

“Sunny has been a pleasure to work with… all positive energy from Sunny …We should call her Sunny Delight!”

~ Colleen Moriarty

“After years of focusing on my vibration… after 2 sessions with you… I GET IT.  I can tell you are speaking from spirit. My husband was thrilled that I was looking at a seminar with you and I know something will work out.”

~ Kristen

“Sunny, I can’t thank you enough for who you are and how freely you give of yourself.  You have truly helped change my life in a very positive direction by being accountable to yourself and giving guidance from a place of unconditional love. I didn’t see people through a very good light because I didn’t see myself through a good lens. I’m feeling a shift in me and know that I am a genuine medium. I know I am here to help others and will be/am impactful to the many people Spirit chooses to send my way.”


~ Kristen Marchus-Hemstad

“I honor Sunny and how you care and support clients, friends and family. You are a blessing to the world. If you do not know that, now you do!”

~ AW

“We sure do love you and all the support you gave us. Thank you again for helping us today – it all made sense- and we are feeling much better about where we are at.”

HUGS and LOVE Spirit Mama 🙂

~ JH

“Thanks for the advice. You have no idea how long I have been searching for the ‘right’ teacher. I look forward to your classes, and to the love and support I feel when I’m with you and the other students. You are all such an incredible blessing at this time on my journey. I am deeply grateful.”

“I love you, Sunny and I thank you so much for all the guidance that you selflessly give – you are amazing and I thank God and the Universe for placing you in my life.”

~ Gabby

“Gotta tell you –  You have been a huge blessing in my life with the gift of being able to push me gently into the direction I need to be going. I love that you really don’t give the answers as much as you make us aware that we are able to get the answers for ourselves. I believe the growth process for me has been you being there to guide me and confirm for me what may be myself versus ego and that has been huge. I’m feeling like I’m getting more and more comfortable with myself and I owe a lot of that to you. Just wanted you to know how important you are to me and how important the work you do is to all of us!!!”

~ Gabriella – Mesa, AZ

“Thank you, and bless you in all you do!! It works!! The faith and trust in myself that I have found once again is due to the doors you have opened for me. Thank you for coming into my life and being such a kind and true teacher. Your honesty and trust has done more for me than all the therapists I have had over the years combined. I so appreciate you and your talents and efforts.”

~ Michele

“Sunny DeLight, that’s what I unintentionally call you when I’m describing you to someone. This name just seems to describe you and it comes out naturally. You’re awesome! Those who bring light to others cannot keep it from themselves. Sun shines where Love grows… the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds we plant today – the seeds…our thoughts and our deeds. Last night was touching and inspirational. Thank you so very much for giving so much of yourself to so many people in need…including me. Thanks again for all you have done for me and my family, and for all you continue to do for all of us. We are blessed to have you in our lives.”  

~ Carmen

“I know that everyone is singing you their praises, but you know Sunny, you have taught not only me but my entire family so much in such a short period of time … I am truly amazed at the impact that I am now seeing you share with many other people. You are an Angel here on earth.”

– Glendale, AZ

“Sunny knelt down behind me and put her arms around me. It felt as though I was enclosed in a cocoon of pure Love.  And I’m the guy who never feels such things….  But that is Sunny Dawn.”

~ Bob

“I love how honest you are about your past, your present… and it really impacts me and then hopefully I impact others in my circle.”

~ Carolyn

“I think you’re beautiful because you’re human.  🙂  As I watch you teach, Spirit is always coming through and so are you.  =-) We’re all human on earth and it is soooo very nice to see that someone as blessed as you are is human too.”

~ Barb

“And that is what I love about you…. you are willing to even give us the messages that are sometimes not so easy to digest.  You truly are one of the most beautiful souls I have met in this lifetime and I am so grateful and blessed to be your soul sis, your friend and student…”

~ J

“I’m really grateful that my Mom and Angels are supporting me and that Spirit guided me to you five years ago. You’ve been such a huge blessing to me. I can’t wait to work with you again and take more classes! Yay! I look forward and embrace all change for my highest good.”
~ Online participant

“Sunny Dawn Johnston is doing great work in the world. Spirituality is very near and dear to my heart. She is one of the light workers showing the way for others to shine their light more brightly. Thank you.”

~ Faith B.

“Everyone who meets Sunny is a better person for it. Sunny brings light into everything she does.”

~ Marcia B.

“Sunny Dawn Johnston has helped me more in my personal and professional development as an intuitive, medium and writer of the paranormal & supernatural than any other person I can think of. Sunny will help you “see” in ways you never dreamed possible.”

~ MB

“I got so much out of listening to the “The Love Never Ends” replay. Sunny is just the best. She lifts my spirit like no one else or anything else. Sunny and Sunlight impact my life daily… as I do practice what I learn from each of you. I take baby steps; there’s no denying that I don’t jump all in with stuff. I’m a ‘put your toes in first’ kind of person. But my baby steps, I’m finding out, are in the right direction. I had many of my experiences confirmed by things Sunny shared in the Teleclass. Thank you again for the very special work that you do. You are all Angels and a Godsend! Sunny is the best teacher I’ve ever had! …. And I’ve had a lot of them… She is a real inspiration. God bless each of you with every good thing!”

Love, peace, music, and light,

~ Georgeanne Rice

“You have been the biggest help to me ever!! I mean ever! And, I have sought help from many! Doctors, priests, friends, healers, etc. … my own sponsor(s) in the 12-Step program… relatives. I’ve looked at religion, meditation, spiritual practices of all kinds. I would venture to say that my Native American teachers and the 12-Steps have helped, but that a few minutes with you was like a lightning shot of healing energy struck me.”

~ Online participant

“You have such a beautiful spirit and are a wondrous being of light. I thank God for you and for allowing me to walk this path and take this journey with you. Without you, my journey wouldn’t be in its truest form of love & light like it is unfolding. I wish there were bigger, stronger, more meaningful words that I can say to you to express my gratitude for your blessing my life with your spirit, but until those words are found, let me say to you that I genuinely love you and thank you, from the depths of my soul for the wonderful you that you are. Many blessings and love to you.”

~ DB

 “Thank you again… what peace you bring to us that are willing to open up and see and feel.”

~ AL

“Thank you Sunny, for being my friend and teacher, and spiritual counselor. I really do not feel that I would have stayed on this planet without your loving guidance and care. Thank you! Blessings of love, light and peace.”

~ EE

“Sunny, thank you so much for being a part of my life and opening my heart and eyes to the many blessings life has to offer. I consider you one of those blessings and am very thankful to have you in my life. Thanks again for everything!”

~ Lindsey

“Congratulations on your new website! You know, as “time” marches on, you seem to blossom into more and more ways that epitomize the real you. You are truly in your element, and you have reserved a special place to include everyone else. We are proud and honored to have you at this spearhead, to chink the armor of the mundane, peeling back the layers of the veil, that clouds all that has been wonderful, but has gone unnoticed. As we get our act together, we may not always need you for a jump-start or guidance, but we will always cherish our enlightenment in kind.”

Love and gratitude,

~ Robert R.

“I am so happy, I feel like I won the lottery with this job. It is the best thing ever, and I really think it is due to you too, so I really have to say thank you so much. I’m serious, the positive affirmations are really working. I worked as a transitional employee for six years, and I really had no hope of ever becoming a career employee. Thank you again.”

~ RC – Glendale

“I want to thank you for playing a major role in helping me to guide my life to accepting the gifts that have been waiting for me. From the first time I met you, I felt an energy and knew (long before I knew what you did) somehow you would be in my life. I am happy to bring in this New Year with you as a part of it. Things have taken a major turn in a great direction, my family… children… business… and I have met a wonderful man. I remember what you said, manifest and be ready to accept the package it comes in! I love my package. I just want to say thank you for helping to finish 2005, and look forward to what 2006 is bringing.”

“Thank you for being YOU!! I am happy to have someone I love and trust to refer people too. I see all you are doing in the world and am so happy for you! Life is amazing isn’t it?  

Thank YOU for all the light you are spreading in this world – your wings are HUGE!!”

~ Ann

“You have made such a difference in my life – I have watched you and listened to your wise words of wisdom. So thank you my friend, you are an Angel here on Earth and one of the most beautiful, clear souls I have met.”

~ Judy

“Wanted to thank you for some very wise advice you gave me, oh I guess a year ago or so when we last met.  It was about money and how it’s like energy that flows… and if you hold on too tightly you disrupt the flow.  We were having issues with a refund and I was holding so tightly to that idea of the money for a couple of days… when all of the sudden what you said popped into my head.  So I kept telling myself over and over what you had taught me for another few days, and today I got that amount of money back from a totally unexpected different place all together!  You are a wise, wise woman my dear!! I was happy just finally letting go, but the universe issuing its refund after that was just frosting on the cake!!  Thanks!!!”

~ Connie



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